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Best Ways To Collect and Store a Survival Cache

Best Ways To Collect and Store a Survival CacheWhen building up a survival cache always keep in mind the original purpose of the cache in the first place. Some people stock up on food and other household items, but money is the most common item.Money is compact and easy to hide but paper money is [...]

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Survival Cache, Denominations

Survival Cache, DenominationsMost people know what a survival cache is, but if you do not, it is that stash of cash you keep hidden somewhere so that you and your family can survive; hence the term “survival cache” as apposed to survival cash.Your survival cache needs to be a type of valuable that is negotiable [...]

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What Would Happen If...

What Would Happen If...We have all grown up with the “What woulda happened if….” Statement from our parents” if our parents cared about us.When we ran out in the street, “what woulda happened if a car came around the corner?”Running with scissors, “what woulda happened if you fell?”You get the point, but now the world [...]

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Survival Cache and How to Hide Emergency Money

Survival Cache and How to Hide Emergency MoneyBefore you get too excited about not paying taxes or reporting income any more, I need to explain what a survival cache is and then how to hide it.  A survival cache is where you put your valuables that you will need to survive in the event of [...]

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Small Hidden Safes and Their Uses

 Small Hidden Safes and Their UsesPeople have been taught too or thought of the idea too bury valuables since the beginning of time. Secret safes have become popular over the years and their uses have varied widely. This is not a new idea, but the techniques and tools have dramatically changed.At least 2 or 3 [...]

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The Value of an Underground Safe

The Value of an Underground Safe That old saying “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is the only thing you need to think about when you want to put the value of an underground safe into perspective. What is the value of your heirloom jewelry, or coin collection? What about other items that [...]

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The Importance of Owning Physical Gold and How to Store It Safely

The Importance of Owning Physical Gold and How to Store It Safely We live in volatile times. Uncertainty is looming at every turn in regards to the world wide credit and banking crises and unstable financial markets. Inflation and the cost of living are on the rise. Most likely, you have wondered how [...]

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Buried Treasure

What do treasure maps and “X” markes the spot have in common? The answer is obvious…buried treasure. What boy or girl has not dreamed of finding buried treasure? Most people sometime in their lifetime have probably been guilty of digging holes in their backyard or under the front porch in search of what valuables may [...]

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Preparedness Brings Peace of Mind

We all know that having an emergency preparedness plan is important. We also realize that the time to prepare for an emergency is before the emergency happens. However, knowing and doing are often two entirely different things for most people. Wading through the mass of information available is time-consuming and it can be overwhelming. Quite [...]

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