Underground Safe – A Very Unique Twist

If you want the ultimate level of security in the form of small safes for the home or if you feel you need to hide your money or other valuables in a location where you have almost instantaneous access, then you are probably looking for something like an underground safe. When it comes to hiding a safe, and places to hide cash quickly and easily, something buried in your backyard is hard to beat.

I have been using an underground safe for years; actually I have a number of them. Some are for long term storage, some are for valuables and some are for those things that are more valuable than money such as the copper engagement ring (yes, I did say copper) my great grandfather gave my great grandmother when he proposed to her in 1890 something.

I do not live in a high crime area at all, but you never know about crime. It is no secret in my community that I use underground safes, I am an advocate for them and have even convinced many of my friends and neighbors to use them just in case of the worse case scenario happening one day.

A couple of us were together getting ready for a BBQ at a friends house when UPS delivered an underground safe to a friend. We all started razzing him about being so rich he needs to buy these things in bulk. It turned out it was for something totally different.

He buys a safe box when each of his grandchildren is born. He puts all kinds of really special keep sakes in them like picture of his son and daughter-in-law with the baby, him and his wife with the baby, something special that belongs to him and his wife, copies of both their baby pictures and wedding pictures as well as some items that will potentially be very valuable in the future such as expensive sports cards, stocks of fortune 500 and emerging companies and pre paid life insurance and annuities.

He was so serious about it he could not wait to give us all the details of what was going in this specific underground safe for his 4th grandson.

I was thinking to myself how thoughtful and caring it was to put together a time capsule for someone that was only 2 weeks old. Something that will help them to get through college and make their life that little bit easier in 18 or 20 years.  

The stocks might be useless or they might be worth a lot but that is not what really matters, it is the fact that he was doing it and at least the pictures and mementos will be secure in an underground safe.

I didn’t want to be nosy and ask if he was hiding it on his property or sending it too his son to hide, but what a great idea.

I guess an underground safe is not only a smart solution to hide your valuables from criminals and tornados it works really well as a time capsule also. 

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