Storage, Safety and Your Future

It is one thing to have the common sense to pack away a few valuable items for your future just in case things turn really bad out there, but it is totally another subject to know how to properly store those items.

Whatever your valuable item is, is actually irrelevant; it is either valuable to you for personal reasons or it has a real hard financial value that you think you may need to rely on in the future. The truth be told, many of the items we have that only have a personal value are the things we covet the most and survey after survey from victims of house fires confirm this.

In the digital age of today, pictures and documents can be sent and stored to many locations for safety, storage and backup, but there was a time before jpg and gif files existed. Some of your family members may have some home movies recorded on 8mm or even the very high tech “Super 8”. Personally, I would advise anyone with old photos or movies to convert them to a digital format as a backup and then store the original copies in a way they will not deteriorate.

So now that you are putting together your collection of valuables, where in the world could you possibly store them so they are safe from any type of theft or harm?

A safety deposit box is always a good solution; especially for those valuable personal items you do not need access too on a regular basis. Your original home movies, pictures and documents that have been reproduced digitally, but it may not be the right location for your emergency cash or the valuable items you have saved for a very rainy day.

These items need to be stored in secret safe in a location that is totally under your control. If these valuables are the ones you will be relying on to keep your family feed in times of unrest then having them in the safety deposit box is a very bad idea.

If there is civil unrest or a very serious natural disaster that wipes out the bank itself physically, you will be glad your items are only “arm length” away.

Most people think that the best place to hide their valuables is in their homes, but that is not true at all. Criminals are only one of the threats to your valuables. The devastation experienced by thousands of families every day comes in the form of house fires, gas explosions, hurricanes and tornadoes. This does not even take into account the crushing earthquake or tsunami that take place from time to time.

The losses from natural disasters are far more widespread and permanent than almost anything a thief can bring to your home.
Using a specifically designed small hidden underground safe is the only true solution that will give you 100% security and satisfaction that your valuables are safe and secure.

With and inground safe, they are impervious to any type of weather conditions and they will be able to withstand any fire, even a brush or forest fire. Thieves will not be able to break into them because they will not know where they are located, unlike one of those big in-home safes that can be cracked, cut open or stolen. They wouldn't even know to look for secret safes like this.

A small inground safe is by far the best place to hide your valuables if you will need to have quick and unrestricted access. The safety deposit box may be nice for the pictures and original copies of the marriage license, but when you need it and you need it now the in ground safe is the only solution.

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