What do treasure maps and “X” markes the spot have in common? The answer is obvious…buried treasure. What boy or girl has not dreamed of finding buried treasure? Most people sometime in their lifetime have probably been guilty of digging holes in their backyard or under the front porch in search of what valuables may lie beneath.  

The idea of burying treasure has been around since ancient times.  The ancient Egyptians, for example, used to bury the treasure of their dead kings along with the mummy for use in the afterlife. A smorgasbord for the modern treasure hunter, the tombs held most, if not all, the worldly possessions of the deceased ruler.

When one thinks of buried treasure, most likely they think of the stories of the pirates that sailed the seven seas, plundering weaker vessels and stealing all the valuables on board. Afterward finding a secluded island in the middle of nowhere to bury their treasure to come back later and claim. In the Old West, pirates on land, otherwise known as outlaws, robbed stagecoaches and often buried the loot in the ground when being pursued, only to be captured before they could retrieve it.

Is there value in burying treasure today? Certainly the contents of treasures buried long ago have become probable victims of exposure to the elements as over time the chests or other containers they were buried in have decomposed. If one were to want to bury valuables today to have them close at hand when needed or to keep them safe from would be thieves or possible hazards such as fire, is there a way to do this without risking harm to the valuables?

There are a number of different ways to hide money. Ranging in size and appearance, some safes are even made to look like everyday objects like pop cans or cleaning products. These however, are not the kind of safes that can be buried for long periods of time nor are they intended for that purpose; I would not like my emergency cash or gold in a Pepsi can replica ready for the taking.  Of the type of safes that are on the market today, underground safes are among the most fool proof for the security of your gold or emergency cash.

So whether you have family heirlooms, important documents, or other valuables you would like to protect, finding a way to insure their safety is important. Perhaps as you consider the various options available, you might decide to do as they did in the past and bury your treasure. 


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