The Balance Between Risk and Security

Security is very important in all aspects of life in today’s world, but security is not free and as a matter of fact it can be extremely expensive depending on the level of security required. If you physically need body guards, you are asking someone to basically take a bullet for you. Whether or not they actually will, if or when the time comes is irrelevant, you will still be paying a couple hundred grand a year until that question is answered.

The same is true for your personal items and valuables. If you are a high profile person or if your business is something like a diamond brokerage or a coin shop you will need to protect your millions of dollars worth of inventory. If all of your money is tied up in the $50 million worth of Manhattan real estate you control, you probably don’t need the same level of security for your business inventory as the diamond guy, but you will still need something security related even if it is only motion detectors and a couple of big dogs at home.

Most of us average people just need to have a level of security that is more common sense rather than a three zone compartmentalized anti terrorism defense network with rapid response forces.

When you have valuables that need to be protected, take the time to evaluate the level of defense your valuables need. Then take the time to evaluate the type of defense they need. What are you defending them from?

Is your threat a random criminal act or did you just wear a $50,000 diamond necklace to an awards ceremony that was televised and splashed all over the internet?

Maybe the threat is not criminal in nature at all. Brush fires take the life’s work and priceless possessions of many people every day somewhere in the world while in other places social unrest and government breakdown takes the lives, loves and valuables form others.

Look at the destruction and loss caused by hurricane Hugo so long ago in Florida. There are people today that are still feeling the pain from that loss and then when you talk about hurricane Katrina and all the tornados that rip through the mid-west every year, now you can see why security is so important.

Your biggest security threat may not always be that hooded guy with a knife or a gun, it could be your neighbor 5 houses down that is trying to start up his BBQ.

Gone is gone and when you lose something of value it is normally lost forever. When something has a real value to you personally or financially you need to take the time to think like your enemy and your enemy is not always another person.

The damage and destruction caused by natural disasters is always measured in the billions of dollars and not the millions. When was the last time you heard of a home or business robbery that pulled down that much money in a single heist?

You know the thief was serious when most of your home is gone and even the local home center is destroyed. So, the question we have to ask is, where to hide money at home?

If you are considering different types of secret safes as an option, an inground safe is a best choice.

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