The Top Places To Not Hide Your Valuables

The physical and personal value of your valuables will determine the extent to which you want or need to secure them, but I want to cover the places you should not try to hide your valuables and why.

The first place is in those so-called deceptive containers that look like something else commonly found in your home and especially more common to the bathroom. Thieves are aware of these devices and look for them. When a thief walks into the bathroom and sees two cans of deodorant, especially if they are the same brand and both feel full, he goes into high alert. If they find that you are using this method to hide items, they will assume that there are others somewhere in your home.

The second place is behind pictures and / or posters. Look at the pictures from any home invasion crime scene conducted by a professional and you will see that everything has been pulled off the walls. There is a reason for this, and that is the overuse of a painting as a place to hide items or safes.

The third place is very similar to the second because it is so overused. You may be hiding valuables there right now that you don’t even realize. The Freezer is the most common first stop for even amateur thieves. If you are reading this right now and you have your credit cards frozen in a glass of water to curb your urge to use them on impulse purchases, take them out now and then come back and finish reading.

The fourth place is a bit more complicated to explain, but you will understand what I am trying to say. This is any location where your presence while hiding the valuable will disturb the surrounding environment. A professional thief specifically looks for disturbances of the dust in areas that are obviously not used very often. This is a location like your dusty attic or the guest room you haven’t used in a few months.

If you take the time to think like your adversary then you will be able to figure out how to outsmart them. Remember, if someone has the guts to break into your home, they are probably a professional thief with enough years of experience and training to make the amount of risk they are taking pay off and pay off fast. Where to hide money.


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