The How and Why of Hiding Money and Valuables

This may sound like and incredibly simple subject on the surface, but it can really be much harder and even more important than it sounds.

The most common place to store your valuable physical belongings is of course in a safe deposit box. This is usually safe physically, but it is not that private and accessibility can be an issue. You will only have access to your belongings during banking hours and the contents of a safe deposit box can easily be seized or frozen.  

This is not to say you are running some dark underground criminal organization, but accidents and other bad things do happen to good people. We have all heard the story of the guy that lost everything when someone fell on the sidewalk (public sidewalk I might add) in front of his house.

Not to be deceptive, but if this happens you probably do not want the 150 year old silver necklace your Great Grandfather bought for your Great Grandmother sitting in a safe deposit box even if it is only worth $100 at auction.

The level of security you need for your items will be directly related to the level of their value. Either their true physical value or their personal value; many times we have things that could never be replaced while they would probably never get stolen either. They just need to be protected from harm.

On the other hand, most people do have items that are very valuable financially that will require a different level of security, and you probably do not want them in a safe deposit box either.

These would be items such as the hard cash you are using for an emergency backup or the gold and silver coins you have as an emergency survival cache just in case the economy crashes and your paper money is no longer good. So, the question is, where to hide money?

Where you hide your valuables is also a major consideration. They not only need to be safe from thieves, they also need to be accessible and under your complete control at all times. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but it is not impossible either. Secret safes may be the answer.

The best way to keep your valuables under your control and safe at the same time is to hide them on your property and hiding them inside your home or in a house safe is not usually the best location.

Fires and natural disasters can destroy a home and all the contents in a matter of minutes or even seconds and the FBI reports there is some type of property crime in the U.S. every 3.2 seconds on average.

Those are staggering numbers, but they are a fact we all have to deal with. Of course those figures are just a national average and some locations are not as bad as others, but crimes happen when and where we don’t expect them too. It is just like an accident, an accident is not an accident if you know it is happening.

The best and safest place to store and hide your valuables is underground and on your property. Thieves cannot steal what they cannot find and an inground safe is very protective from fire or the worst powers Mother Nature can throw at you and your property.

The best part about having your valuables buried on your property is the ease of gaining access to your belongings. You don’t need to wait for the bank to open in the morning and the potential for having your under ground safe seized is pretty darn slim.

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