Survival Cache, Denominations

Most people know what a survival cache is, but if you do not, it is that stash of cash you keep hidden somewhere so that you and your family can survive; hence the term “survival cache” as apposed to survival cash.

Your survival cache needs to be a type of valuable that is negotiable in a situation where the worst case situation has happened. The Dollar or the Euro is as valuable as the pre World War Two German Mark and they are measured by the pound and not the denomination.

The only real solution is to buy gold and silver and then use that as your survival cache, but it is not as easy as that. Take a few minutes and think about what the world would be like if your preparation of survivability for you and your family actually had to be implemented.

What kind of a place would we live in and what type of anarchy would rule for the few months or even years until the government got back on track? Truth, Justice and the American way only exist in America and only because of our rule of law will not allow people to run the streets like crazy people.

We do not let our elected officials abduct 13 year old children and cut their parts off.

We do not let our elected officials shoot our citizens with live bullets.

We do not let our elected officials use rape as a weapon.

We are better than that and we do not allow it from anyone, especially if they are elected. That is why we are here in America and that is why everyone wants to come to America. They do not want to be here for free health care or education and they do not want to be here for lower taxes for sure; they want to be here because in America you can (normally) let your children play in the park.

There is a very real possibility that at some point, our society could stumble for awhile and we may face some challenging times. This is when you will be happy you have a survival cache buried in your backyard somewhere in secret safes. An inground safe is totally concealed from theives, in fact, there is no reason to even suspect you have one.

If you have decided keeping a reserve is a good idea, now it is time to consider what that reserve should consist of. A 75 kilo block of gold the size of that free government cheese would be nice, but that would really be unusable. In a world where anarchy is the rule of law, you probably do not want anyone knowing you have that much gold anyway.

The average family of 4 would be able to survive quite well on about 1 ounce of silver per day which is coincidentally about the weight of $1.25 face value of silver U.S. coins. You will not be going out and buying a new house or car, but you will be eating and drinking well for sure.

Having a stash of a couple hundred dollars or so of silver coins is easy to hide and will be much easier to exchange if the time ever comes where they need to be used.

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