Survival Cache and How to Hide Emergency Money

Before you get too excited about not paying taxes or reporting income any more, I need to explain what a survival cache is and then how to hide it.  A survival cache is where you put your valuables that you will need to survive in the event of a worse case scenario either economically or socially.

There are many types of, and thoughts about what a survival cache would or should be. For some it is a 2 year supply of food, while for others it is a big stash of gold and silver coins. For others it is even a bit more extreme to include a remote property with both food and precious metals. We are going to be a bit more main-stream and talk about a survival cache and how to hide emergency money.

When we normally talk about emergency money, this is the kind of hard cash or valuables that you will be able to sell in the event of a catastrophic situation. It is something that you would build up over years and hopefully get to the point where you could maintain your family and lifestyle for at least a year without having access to your savings or bank accounts or even credit cards. The thought behind this is that in an economic situation the banks may close down for up to a year. The reason for people gravitating towards valuables rather that hard cash is because the value of a currency could crash.

To lose your survival cache would be devastating, especially in a time of social or economic unrest. This is why so many people have been turning to a hidden underground safe for easy access to the place where they hide emergency money and valuables. This is a place that is very accessible but at the same time it is safe from thieves, looters and even the weather.

In some parts of the country a tornado or hurricane can take your emergency money just as fast as someone with a knife or a gun, and if your house burns down you will be glad your cache is in an underground safe.

Safeguarding your survival emergency valuables is not something to take lightly. You may need quick access to your assets even if society is not coming to an end. We need to think about where to hide money at home.

Technology has changed dramatically over the last 5 years when it comes to small safes than you can bury and this mostly comes in the form of design and material.

Hermitically sealed airtight safes now allow you to have a survival cache that is quickly accessed to add or remove items from, while at the same time having other underground safes that will protect the contents for hundreds and even thousands of years and not be disturbed until you intend them to be.

Not only has the technology changed, the quality has improved dramatically. Ironically, at the same time prices have come down to the point that a quality hidden safe is less than the cost of renting a safe deposit box. There are many types of secret safes on the market  but to hide money at home, it's tough to beat an inground safe.

If you are one of the people that has the foresight to protect your family by having hard assets in a protected location you should consider a hidden underground safe. It is safe from natural disasters, fires (even a forest fire), and also from the various criminal elements out there.

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