Why You Need an Underground Safe

What do cities like Joplin, Missouri; Wichita Falls, Texas; Gainesville, Georgia and Moore, Oklahoma all have in common? They were all devastated by a tornado. Hundreds of house were destroyed in a matter of minutes.

When disasters like this strike the first thing you hope for is safety for yourself and your family. But after the initial shock you’re forced to go back and look through the remains of your home and hope that you can save a few items.

If you were forced to leave your home due to a hurricane; you hope you can get back to salvage your possessions before looters arrive.

The same is true after a house fire. When you wake up to the sound a fire alarm or the smell of smoke you want to get your family to safety as quickly as possible. There’s no time to think about possessions.

If a flood suddenly hits your city you need to move to higher ground while you still have the option.

Many people have felt the sting of coming home from work or vacation to find their home has been burglarized. They hold their breath as they look to see how many of their valuables have been taken. This may even include pieces of heirloom jewelry that cannot be replaced by a check from the insurance company.

All of the above scenarios are reasons you should have an underground safe. In each of these situations – tornado, fire, hurricane, flood, and burglaries – your most valuable possessions would be protected if they were in an underground safe.

With an underground safe a burglar can’t remove the safe and carry it off. The safes are water tight so water can’t get in and ruin the contents. The safes are fireproof and won’t be harmed by high temperatures or debris falling on them.

Here are a few of the items you can protect in an underground safe:

Gold – Many people feel it’s important to keep gold not only as an investment, but as protection from the fall of the national economy.

Weapons and ammunition – In a worst case scenario; you need to be able to protect your family from enemy intrusions. But you don’t want to have weapons on display where they can easily be stolen during a break-in.

Important documents - Birth certificates, passports, titles to cars and homes, and insurance policies.

Jewelry – this is especially true for items with sentimental value such as your grandfather’s watch or your mother’s favorite pearl necklace. Some things can’t be given a monetary value.

Cash – If your bank ever suffers a meltdown you’ll be glad you stashed a little cold hard cash away for food and necessities.

Computer backups – It’s a good idea to backup all your computer records on a USB drive periodically and put it in your safe.

Family photos – You may want to scan the photos and put them on a drive to save space.

You never know when the expected could happen. By preparing in advance you can protect yourself from financial and emotional loss. 

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