We have all grown up with the “What woulda happened if….” Statement from our parents” if our parents cared about us.

When we ran out in the street, “what woulda happened if a car came around the corner?”

Running with scissors, “what woulda happened if you fell?”

You get the point, but now the world is certainly a different type of place than we grew up in. It is no longer a place where running out between parked cars or with scissors (or both) is as dangerous as just letting your children out the front door to go to public school.

If you think a physical attack is bad (which it is) what about the on-slot of mental and psychological warfare our children are faced with?

As a responsible parent, you need to spend as much time as you need to provide money for your family to survive physically and also spend as much time as you need to provide the moral guidance to your family.

The world is no longer a safe place, but that does not mean you cannot make your place safe.

You have to consider personal physical safety and security for you and your family as well as your long term security. Financial security in itself is a major factor in the security of your family, especially when you are looking to the future.

Some of the most stable governments in the world have collapsed in recent months and if you want to go back in time about 20 years, you will see that the #2 country in the world failed (USSR, now only Russia) and that lead to a string of eastern European country with what was know as Yugoslavia leading the pack.

I know there is no possible chance of something like that happening in your country or mine, but that is probably what the people living in Egypt, or the other north African and middle east countries thought before they were reduced to ashes and their leaders executed or put on trial.

When there is a total break down of society it is a true total breakdown. We are not talking about a Mad Max type of situation that lasts for generations, but it will take a few months to a year to get things straightened out.

During this time of instability (however intense) you need to still be able to provide for your family and their future and you will not be able to rely on your credit cards or the banking system for that.

This is when if you had the foresight to prepare a “survival cache” of valuables will be extremely helpful. When (or if) things turn really bad in your area, one single gold coin will allow your family to live well for 2 weeks to even a month.

I would not advise anyone to put their survival cache in the bank though, and we will cover where that type of serious security belongs soon.

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