Have you ever wanted to find a project that would the adults, youth and children of your Sunday School could all enjoy participating in?

The time capsule is the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved.

This can open discussions about how different churches were one hundred years ago. What would they have put in a time capsule?

If possible locate some old Bibles or hymnbooks that could have been placed in a time capsule. Discuss the history of your church and how it's grown over the years.

A great time to work on this project is during one of the churches anniversary years. For instance on the fifty year anniversary of the churches founding or the one hundred year anniversary.

Let each class or age group decide what they want to place in the time capsule.

A few examples might be:

Artwork - drawings, paintings, sculpture or pottery.

Music recordings of the church choir, special music or congregational singing.

Educational materials that are being studied such as Bible Study workbooks.

Copies of sermons or Sunday School lessons

Photos - make a scrapbook of activities such as Vacation Bible School, church summer camp, Fall festivals, Christmas activities. Then have different people write their memories of the event.

Personal letters and notes are always a good idea. Let future readers know about your church and its members. Ask people to write what they love most about their church. Have life-long members talk about how he church has changed since they were children.

A calendar with the schedule of events since as holiday programs and weekly activities for the children and youth.

You should include a list of church members and a picture directory if you have one.

Remember, it's always best to seal items in plastic bags. This will help preserve them through the years while your capsule is waiting to be opened.

A time capsule can be done at any time of year but it's especially timely on your church's anniversary date or as a New Year's project. This can even be a short term project for the next year. Have everyone write down their prayer requests. Pray over them and then seal them in the time capsule to be open the next year.

Have children and adults list their favorite songs. favorite scripture verse and favorite Bible character.

Another option is to list things you want your church to achieve over the next year. Then you can see how well you've done when the capsule is open the next year.

This is a perfect project for older adults to work together with the youth and children of the church.

It can be a unifying project both now and in the future.

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