Hidden Safes for the Home

If you are in the market for hidden safes for the home there is one primary factor you should take into consideration while you are trying to make a decision; where are you going to hide a safe? This may sound stupid, but many people will buy a safe and then spend half the day trying to figure out where to put it or what wall they will cut into.

The sad truth is that small safes for the home really are not that safe at all, especially from seasoned criminals. The cut-in wall safes are a perfect example; it is only as safe as what it is anchored too. If someone has the guts to do a home invasion I am pretty sure they will not have a problem breaking out the sheetrock and those bullet proof 2 X 4 studs. If they know you have one of these safes, they will probably break into your garage and steal your power tools and an extension cord first so they can cut it out anyway!

Here is a quick random security tip I want to throw in quickly which may or may have value to you depending on your level of perceived threat. If you go to a home center or hardware store looking for a safe box for the home, bring cash and only buy the safes from a location that you have not been too before. A home center chain is perfect for this. Go to the one on the corner to compare models and prices then drive across town and buy it at another location.  Don’t buy a bunch of stuff and use your credit card with your home address on it so that the cashier and bagger can trace you. This is just a little something to think about.

A diversion safe is worse. If you are trying to hide money in that phony shaving cream can you may as well just leave it on your kitchen table in the middle of a cluster of lighted Christmas lights. Why do you have two cans of shaving cream sitting out anyway? Criminals do not go into your house to vandalize it, but they sure do tear the place up. They must be looking for something.

The best solution to your search for a security box for the home is place it safely underground. If you are trying to hide your money or other valuables, it just makes sense. It is totally secure, it is easy to access and you don’t have to spend half the day trying figure out where you are going to put it. With this solution you can hide a safe most anywhere you can make the surrounding soil or cover  blend in. You can even hide a safe in landscaping or planters.

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