Both gold and silver have been time tested safe havens for the preservation of buying power and wealth. The $800 per once prices of gold back in the 1980’s do not seem that high today, and not many people would have ever speculated that silver would top $40 per ounce. With such increases in prices people are buying these precious metals to preserve their fortunes and many people bury gold to keep it safe from thieves and the forces of nature.

It is not enough to wrap 10 or 12 Double Eagle gold coins in clear tape and dig a hole in your backyard, you need a comprehensive plan to bury gold and other valuable you may have and this needs to be a plan where it is not only safe, but you will have an almost instantaneous access to it the second you want. Where to hide money at home becomes very important.

A big metal home safe buried on its back 3 feet below your roses may sound like a solution and it certainly sounds like it is safe. Access would be a bit of a problem though. After digging down 4 or five times to add or retrieve an item would be enough for someone to abandon that thing where it sat (after you empty it of course).

The answer to this problem is to use a safe box  specifically designed to protect your valuables underground; small hidden safes. Not just your gold, there are other valuables you probably have needing to be protected from criminals and the forces of nature.

A very strong in home safe is often thought of as the best solution for storing valuables, but if someone knows you have a large safe they can force you to open it or if you leave for an extended period of time they will eventually open it. There are even cases where burglars have just stolen the safe itself; even 2,000 pound gun safes.

When it comes to nature, the tsunamis that hit Japan washed thousands of safes out of their houses and if a tornado will pick up an 18 wheeler you know it can relocate a safe at will. Don’t even try to imagine what a tornado would do to a wall safe the shape of a serving tray.

In ground safes are the only way to bury gold and keep it safe; safe from the thieves and also safe from natural disasters.

The beauty of using an underground safe located on your property is that you can easily add or remove items in the safe at will or you can even have more than one safe for different purposes. Maybe one safe is for documents and photos while another is only to bury gold or silver.

Because of the affordability of these underground safes, many people will have more than one specifically based on access. Although accessible within a few minutes an underground safe with personal documents like wills or property titles will be accessed rarely and just left alone.

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