The best places to hide money and valuables depend on the level of your perceived threat and the value of your valuables. The value of hard cash or gold is a given and will only change with the markets and inflation, so we will not even waste space talking about them. On the other hand what you consider valuable may not have a monetary value, it is just irreplaceable.

A burglar does not want any of the thousand of pictures on your computer; he just wants your computer. The same goes for all irreplaceable original documents that you keep in an insulated wall safe or file box. He does not want your will, birth certificates or the original engagement ring your husband made from a piece of dental floss and a lifesaver; no, he wants what “could” be in the box or safe. Time is of the essence for a thief, they just take the safe with them to open later.

Don’t hold out any hope of them returning your valuables either.

There are also other valuables many people have that are more valuable than its real or assessed value. Heirloom jewelry is a perfect example of valuables that carry a premium. Your grandmother’s jewelry may be 3 or 4 ounces of gold, but it is worth more than that to you.

There is so much advice out there about where the best places are to hide money and valuables, but they are so wrong, they are not even meant to be printed.

We already know that a wall safe or file boxes are useless, but what about the people telling you to “hollow out” a beam or stud in your attic? How about the ones telling you to take the panels off major appliances or pull out your medicine cabinet? Wrong and wrong again.

Just do a search and you will see hundreds of sites giving advice to burglars about where to look first. Top 10 this or the top 8 of that. It is all garbage and a useless waste of time.

There are two types of thieves and you need to be prepared for both of them; this is why there are only 2 best places to hide money and valuables.

The first thief is that professional home invasion mastermind. He has spent a lifetime developing and honing his skills of surveillance and invasion. He only needs 4 or 5 big hits per year and will watch 20 prime locations. You cannot outsmart this type of thief no matter how hard you try.
The second type of thief is even worse than the first. This is the “house on fire”, in the path of a tornado or a hurricane or brought to the ground by an earth quake.

Won’t you feel like the “smart one” as your home is reduced to ashes with $100,000 worth of $100 dollar bills stuffed in a hollowed out beam or Granny’s jewelry hanging by a piece of string behind the medicine cabinet?

Yep, there are only 2 best places to hide money and valuables where they are safe, and these are:

1. Underground.
2. On your property.

Underground and on your property; this is the only way to hide money and valuables and also have 100% access and control over your life. The thief will never find it, and with the exception of burying your money and valuables exactly on a fault line, they will be safe from all forms of disaster both natural and man made.

This type of underground security safe is not some double thick plastic bag or a single use stick of plastic pipe that will deteriorate and needs to be cut open to access. We are talking about double sealed 5/8 inch thick “time capsule” quality   hidden safe.

Put your mind at ease and remember; the 2 best places to hide money and valuables in underground and on your property.

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